Monday, November 23, 2009

Rent cabin Get Session !

Hi All,

Those clients that have been with us for a few years know that we are always looking for new locations or special places for us to capture and preserve your family images. So our new First Quarter promotion is to rent our family cabin and include up to 2 family sessions at the end of your stay.

The cabin has all the conveniences, Internet, everything you can possibly want in the kitchen, plus off street parking. The snowfall will be arriving soon, best time is January and February. We have done many sessions in and around the cabin.
The cabin was built by Mike's Parents and Grandparents and was started in 1962 when the land was purchased and the cabin was designed by Mike's Dad. Needless to say, Mike spent much of his childhood up there and has explored all the surrounding area from the age of 6. There are so many stories that are connected to the cabin. Mike has just finished this life long project of his family this past fall. Here is the flyer and some images to give you an idea. The cabin is about 1200 sq ft.

So for those looking for something unique, a quiet place to stay, but still close to all the usual conveniences and only an hour from OC, Call us for more details.