Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Professional Photographers of California Convention

It has been about 2 months since we attended the convention, but it took me that long to get some photos of the event. You would think that being photographers Mike or I would have taken some photos of our own, but no. I have to rely on the official event photographers to share my experience with you.

This was my first year attending the PPC Convention and I had a blast! It is always great to continue your education and fellowship with other photographers. Since I handle more of the business/marketing side of Starlight Photography I attended the classes that were geared toward marketing and business. A couple of speakers I saw were:

Craige Kienast

David Trust - PPA CEO

Margit Myl

Sandy Puc

Convention is a great place to get new ideas as well as refresh what you are already doing. Keep checking back to see the new promotions we will be starting and see the behind the scenes at Starlight Photography. Some up coming posts will include our experiences with Girl Scout Troop 616 and the Criminal Justice Training Center at Golden West College.

We are also painting the studio! Be sure to come see what we have done with the place!